Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear Starbucks Near My Office

I know that a lot of people mock working at Starbucks as a low-skill job. However, if you do not have sufficient listening skills to take the orders for the sorts of ridiculous drinks that people order at Starbucks, then you should not be working at Starbucks. I am almost to the point that when I walk into the store, if I see you working at the register, that I am just going to walk back out because I know that you will get my drink wrong. Yes, I do want it extra-hot, decaf, non-fat, extra foam, sugar freeā€¦. This Starbucks needs the scantron-type forms that the lotto has -- you fill in the options you want with a #2 pencil so that you get exactly what you asked for. (The drink-making baristas make the drinks exactly as coded on the cups -- the woman at the register can't translate my order correctly into cup-codes.)