Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Life Recently

Yesterday I was unable to get the SMART Sympodium to respond to my computer. When I tried to use the SMART software, it would complain that I wasn't connected to a SMART Board or a SMART Sympodium. Except, I was. Fortunately, I had a paper copy of my slides (because I am paranoid and bring a paper printout of my slides to every single class), so I put them on the document camera and wrote on them with a pen.

Spotted at the gym: a woman on the treadmill wearing new shoes with the tags still on them. I know that you can return shoes if you haven't worn them outside. But if you've worn them to work out inside? Doesn't seem quite right.

Also spotted at the gym (but I restrained myself from taking video), the most frustrating woman to watch lift weights. Clearly whatever she is doing is working for her because she has achieved that Madonna-style physique of being really thin (looks like a size 0 or a 00) but having well-developed muscles. But oh my goodness, she has the worst form ever, like you might see from 16-year-old guys trying to impress each other. She was doing a set of upright rows, and before each rep, her heels would come off the floor as she shifted her weight forward, and then she would push off and use momentum to help lift the dumbbells. Every exercise was like that. Painful to watch. And the way the gym was set up and where she had placed herself (prime location), you pretty much couldn't avoid seeing her.

Still in denial: My parents are coming tomorrow! And the house is nowhere near clean.