Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Remember, I Even Call Funeral Homes

Stu emails me today with some sort of story about a virus shutting down his computer and the network services people taking away all access to the campus network -- and, most importantly, Blackboard and WebAssign. Stu claims that this can not be fixed until the end of the week. Stu is wondering if it's possible to get an extention on the WebAssign that is due tonight.

So I get on the phone and call the network services helpdesk. I ask them if this is a true story. They say yes, that Stu seems to have fallen for a phishing attack, and Stu's campus email account was sending out a heck of a lot of spam, so they shut Stu's account down.

They did this over a week ago. They can reactivate it in minutes if Stu goes to the walk-in help desk and shows a student ID.