Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something to Aspire to

Recently I've been going through a bit of a fashion questioning period, as I am no longer in my early 30s, and I'm starting to think that at some point I may be expected to start dressing like a grown-up. And it's hard to figure out what stores I'm supposed to shop in because everything is advertised with 16-year-old models. If you're not going to have models my age in your fashion spreads, then at the very least you should have suggested ages (like board games do). I sometimes lack common sense when it comes to the clothes that I wear (yes, I did show up at work one day wearing a green tutu), and I can't really figure out whether something is being marketed to me (unless it comes with a soundtrack from the 1980s). And then there was the one time that I was in Chico's, and the saleslady said that I wasn't old enough to shop there. So I'm not really sure what is expected of me.

But then I discovered Advanced Style. Now I have a long-term goal. I figure if I keep collecting ridiculous clothes (like the green tutu) for the next several decades, I should be right on track.