Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is Shaping Up to Be Quite a Week

  1. Parents left Monday. House is still in post-house-guest disarray. Don't ask about the dishes. Lawn is amazing as my Mom (old enough to be on Medicare) made my Dad (old enough to be on Social Security) continue to re-mow the grass until it met her standards. I have one of those entirely-human-powered reel mowers.

  2. Dealing with a few complaints about math courses. The students have given me specific instructions not to contact the course instructors about the complaints. Not really sure how the students expect to have the situations resolved.

  3. Majorly disruptive goings on happening here today. I'm probably not a team player if I question whether the benefits of what we're doing balance with the amount of effort put in.

  4. Silver lining: My calculus students are taking an exam tomorrow, and my TAs are grading it! (I graded my share for the semester already.)