Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's Accomplishments: Inbox Zero and the Make-Up Exam

Not sure how it took all day.

But I did manage to deal with every single thing in my email inbox. Some of them I cheated on -- I wrote back something along the lines of "thanks for keeping me updated on this -- let me know if things change or if you need me to do anything."

Speaking of deceit, I suspect that some of my exam-non-takers have exaggerated their situations, so I wrote a make-up exam that differs from the exam that I gave yesterday. On the real exam, I put the easy word problem from the review sheet. The make-up exam has the hard word problem from the review sheet. The real exam had the students maximize polynomial functions written in the usual way. The make-up exam has the polynomial functions in factored form (just like some of the problems on the review sheet) so taking the derivative requires using both the product and chain rules. That is the nice thing about my review sheet having way too many problems to put on the exam and a wide range of difficulty -- I can write all sorts of exams that are "just like the review sheet."