Monday, November 30, 2009

Email Mailbag

Finals start on Thursday Edition
  1. Stu is taking College Algebra from Dr. Cautionary-Tale and is concerned that the class has been "too easy" and that everyone in the class is going to fail the departmental final. My analyses of four semesters' of data show that students taking College Algebra from Dr. Cautionary-Tale are more likely to pass the course than average (statistically significnt with tiny p-value). I send Stu a link to the departmental syllabus with a list of official topics covered in the course and to the practice final.

  2. Stu is in my class and missed the second midterm in the very distant past because of a reason that should be easy to document. Finally! The paperwork!

  3. Stu is in my calculus class and failing. Stu has a homework average in the single digits. Stu wonders what to do to pass the class, as Stu claims to be "working very hard" and "do[es]n't know what else to do." I have WebAssign configured so that you get 20 chances at each homework problem.