Monday, November 23, 2009

Exciting Adventures in Dentistry

Starting on Friday night The Topologist started having some sort of dental issue that made in nearly impossible for him to chew. One of his teeth (#1) had moved and was banging into the gum below, causing a sore and pain.

So this morning I called my dentist's office to see if they could fit him in. I called because I have qualified for Gold Elite status at the dentist this year, and he has not been to this dentist before -- or to any dentist any time in the past decade.

The dentist dosed him up with novocaine and yanked out the offending tooth. Other than this rogue wisdom tooth (and the similar plots of its partner on the other side, #16), he apparently has no dental problems. Even after a decade without going to the dentist.

If I took care of my teeth as well as he takes care of his, I wouldn't have any left! Even having this tooth pulled today, he still has two more teeth than I do!