Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Goldfish Don't Have Teeth

Back in the day I used to have a goldfish that would get various types of infections, and I would have to rub athlete's foot medicine on it (when it had a fungal infection) and give it intramuscular injections (when it had a bacterial infection). The fish was not especially happy about any of this.

The Topologist has two mice, named Epsilon and Delta. Epsilon is the nice and friendly mouse, eager and curious. Delta is a fraidy-mouse and not especially friendly. (My Facebook friends can see photos of the mice from the "links" section of my profile, I believe.) Delta has some sort of itchy spot, and she has scratched it raw. She went to the vet and was prescribed some sort of topical ointment. (Vet visit + ointment = $84, a bargain, as the goldfish would run me at least $150 per vet visit. Oh, and if you live in San Diego, I highly recommend the exotic animal practice near Hotel Circle.)

As of right now, The Topologist has at least six mouse bites, and the mouse has a fair amount of his blood on her. Her strategy is to bite (hard!) and refuse to let go until you put her down. Unclear if she has any mouse-medicine on her wound.