Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday in the Suburbs

As the campus was over-run with football today, I couldn't go to my office and get work done.

  1. Did some yard work. Raked (even though more leaves fell, meaning that you can't tell). Mowed. Across the street neighbors took the raked leaves for their compost pile. Do they not have leaves of their own? Apparently not.
  2. Went to Joann fabrics and bought many patterns for clothes that I will probably never sew. I have discovered, though, that buying patterns on a whim ends up with less volume of useless crap than buying 3+ yards of fabric on a whim.
  3. Took a walk.
  4. Went to the big new Kroger. It is not as impressive as a Wegmans, but it is the best that we have.