Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Tale of the Angry Banana

There's not really that much to say about the undergrad party that I went to last night. A surprisingly large fraction of the attendees were former students, and there were other students who recognized me, including one whose politcal science class meets in the same lecture hall as my calculus class this semester. I left around 11pm (for traffic reasons -- home football game, night game) which is about when the party was really getting started. Sorry, no photos, as no one seemed to be taking any that early. I wasn't the only math teacher there -- there was also an adjunct who teaches developmental math at the local community college. He was trying to explain his scheme by which he also enrolls in a class at the CC which somehow makes him eligible for health insurance through the CC.

But no, this post is about the bananas that I bought over a week ago. The bananas that I bought on the 22nd of October and are still green. These bananas do not want to be eaten.

At first I thought that I was smarter than a banana (unless you count the bananas that both have attention to detail and a knowledge of the laws of logarithms -- they may have something on me). So I took a page from the playbook of a Jamaican ex-housemate, and decided to cut a very green banana into slices and fry it like a plantain.

It was absolutely delicious. Like a fluffy french fry.

However, the banana put up quite a fight. It left my hands covered with this horrible stickiness. You know that intractible sticky from when you peel off a sticker and that won't come off without organic solvents? The banana left that kind of sticky. And it left intense brown stains on my (plastic) cutting board.

I ran that cutting board through the dishwasher three times, and in between I scrubbed it with a magic eraser (after the first time) and with Comet (after the second time), and it is still stained. I have soaked it in denture cleanser and scrubbed it with a brush. Still stained. I have soaked it in undiluted bleach. Still stained.

Now I am afraid of the rest of the bananas.