Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanks for Asking. The Answer is No.

Last night I went out for burgers and beer with a few people from work. One of them invited along one of the grad students who invited along a few more grad students, and one of my TAs ended up joining us.

The TA mentioned in conversation that he told his (my) students that if they filled out the online course evaluation for his section and brought back the "thanks for playing" page that he would give them five bonus points and was that OK with me.

Um. Do you see a bonus points column on the spreadsheet? The reason why there is nowhere for you to enter bonus points is because you can't give bonus points. And you certainly can't give FIVE bonus points.

So I told him that he'd have to tell his (my) students that he was mistaken.

Plus, I was planning on offering an incentive for the students filling out the online course evaluation form. I was thinking that if more than a certain fraction of the class filled out the survey (I can get reports of the count of the number of responses during the evaluation period) then I would drop some low homework scores.