Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today in My Inbox

  1. A message from the president of the faculty senate that looked remarkably like spam. I didn't recognize his name in the from field. The subject line: Lunch Tomorrow? As people I actually know never invite me for lunch, a lunch invitation from an unfamiliar name certainly seemed fairly spammy. Seems that some high-up administrator will be having lunch in a large public place and we are all invited to bask in the presence of those with power.

  2. Last week my boss from my summer job emailed me asking me to put together a spreadsheet with a list of people to contact. I didn't get to that because I was doing things relating to my real job that pays me money. She emailed me today that she has put the spreadsheet together herself and has given me dozens of people to get in touch with. Apparently their new strategy to keep me from being classified as an employee is to give me work to do but not pay me for it. While my real job might not pay well, at least it pays something.

  3. Students asking if they can go from Calculus Lite to Real Calculus without having taken precalc. Unless you are a trigonometry savant, that would be ill-advised.

  4. Message from a parent. It's always so hard to write back to paernts.