Friday, November 06, 2009

Transition to the Weekend

  1. Someone at work told me a secret that I can't tell to anyone. I didn't need to know this information. I don't really care about this information. I'd rather not have to keep a secret. Why was I told? I suspect because the teller of the secret is not a good secret-keeper. Or else the teller of the secret is a drama queen.

  2. I have been applying statistical techniques to limited data on student success. Unclear if I am using the correct statistical techniques or if my limited and messy data contains anything other than noise. On the plus side, although I suspect that I'm making poor choices about how to analyze the data at the moment, I think that this coming week in stats class we may learn more appropriate techniques. I may go to office hours and ask which is a better way to approach this data.

  3. I brought a whole bunch of things to Goodwill, including fabric that I will never use and the large box I kept it in. Now I find myself shopping for more fabric online.

  4. Home football game this weekend. This means I can't go to my office tomorrow to get work done. As the weather should be delightful tomorrow, perhaps I will do yard work.

  5. Don't really want to think about the grading that I have to do this weekend. Also irritated that the honors students (whose work I am grading) have decided that if work is due and you haven't done it that you can avoid it by not showing up for class and then hand it in the next class -- a week later (as the class only meets on Tuesdays). Secret message to honors students: Although you may think that you're special, you're no more special than I am.