Monday, December 14, 2009

End of Semester

  1. All the grading is done. All the grades are submitted.

  2. Pro Tip: To pre-empt hassles about students saying that an 88.43% rounts to an 89% and an 89% is only half a point away from a 89.5% which rounds to a 90% so can Stu please please please please have an A (the cut-off for which is 90%) because Stu is not even a half point away from an A, put the following text on your syllabus: "All fractional points are rounded down." This makes it even easier to say to grade creep.

  3. Now I need to number-crunch the results of the semester for our most troublesome courses using my new-found knowledge of statistics. Did you know that students in engineering do better at math than students in undecided? And I used statistics to figure that out!

  4. Aside: Found web page of someone I know from high school who has to be a zillionaire. High school friend and spouse traveled around the world in 2002 and then settled in San Diego where they are both full-time parents who have not held jobs in the past 7+ years. I feel OK hating them because their children are named Dagny and Galt. San Diego is the only part of coastal California that puts up with that kind of crap.