Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ghost of Kitchen Past, Ghost of Kitchen Present

What the kitchen currently looks like. The upper cabinets are a nightmare because they are too high off the ground. See the corner cabinet? The one to the right of where the glasses are? The bottom of that cabinet is five feet, ten inches (178cm) off the ground. Sure, I can reach the bottom shelf, but I can't reach anything above that. Where the mugs are? That used to be drawers. Drawers so high off the ground that you couldn't see inside them unless you were standing on something. If the kitchen were more to my taste and built out of quality materials, I would have considered lowering the cabinets and being done with it. But the kitchen is driving me crazy after living with it since the fall of 2003.

Do you dare me to take off one of the awful floor tiles to see what is underneath? Once a tile is removed, it will never stick back down properly, so this is a commitment. Unless I can go to the hardware store and buy a replacement. Which will not match, as the current tiles have yellowed from the sun. Oh, and I cheated: I looked up from the basement. Part plywood, part hardwood. Well, softwood. I have softwood floors through most of the house (hardwood in the livingroom and diningroom, softwood in the hall, den, and bedrooms).

Do you wonder what the kitchen might have looked like in the past? Here is a pale yellow, beadboard cabinet with fancy hardware and some sort of metal-covered countertop. The metal looks like it may be of newer vintage than the cabinet and countertop. This cabinet lives in the basement. Why is it so out of square? Or rather, why is it even more out of square than the rest of my house (some of the windows are trapezoids)?

And in the garage is also a run of pale yellow cabinets. Different hardware than the basement cabinet. Some sort of funky plastic-type counter. At the left is some sort of corner cabinet -- the left-most part doesn't have a door, and the door in the panel just in from the left has an aftermarket modification to let it open with something next to it. This is the "bad bike," so it lives in the garage. The good bike lives inside. When it isn't so cold out, I can spend some more time in the garage and go into that yellow cabinet and bring out the vintage light fixtures stored within.