Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Don't Know What to Do if I'm Not Working

  1. Continue to slice and dice outcomes data from College Algebra and Precalculus from Fall 2009.
  2. Revise calculus slides to finally banish the unsolvable problems (yes, I use the same slides every semester and have to change the slides at the last minute every semester.
  3. Revise the calculus worksheets to realign them with the spring calendar.
  4. Take SMART board notes from Spring 09 gen-ed class and make Keynotes slides to use for Spring 10.
  5. Revise the gen-ed worksheets.
  6. Start reading textbooks for courses I'm taking in the Spring.
  7. Finish off all of the craft projects in progress.
  8. Cull the overwhelming collection of clothing that I own.
  9. Clean the house.
  10. Work on assembling and hanging organization furniture to hold some of the clutter.
  11. Try to work on the unsolvable problem of how to remodel my kitchen. My kitchen is a non-convex octagon (fortunately the walls meet at roughly right angles), and it has four doors. It has a lot of square feet of floor space but very few linear feet of wall space (because of all the doors and windows), but not enough floor space to support an island.
My mom keeps telling me that I should do something fun, but I can't think of anything fun that I want to do. Sometimes I go shopping for fun, but shopping is not fun this time of year, and I already own a lot of stuff. And I would rather not spend money on things that aren't going to add much to my life.