Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reading Comprehension

From: Jenkins, Becky
Subject: RE: Math Classes Spring 2010
Date: December 24, 2009 12:59:58 PM EST
To: Becky Hirta

Thanks Mr. O'Conner. Sorry It took me so long to reply, jst been having a good break. But I wanted to make sure you knew this was Becky Jenkins cause you had to: Becky Hirta?? Just wondering?

From: Becky Hirta []
Sent: Thu 12/17/2009 3:56 PM
To: Becky Hirta
Bcc: Becky Jenkins
Subject: Math Classes Spring 2010

Dear Student,

According to math department records, you are signed up for Calculus Lite for Spring 2010. We would like to remind you that the math department is strictly enforcing the prerequisites and placement restrictions for this course.

According to our records, your placement test score places you into College Algebra, not Calculus Lite. Additionally, according to our records you attempted College Algebra in Fall 2009 but did not complete the course successfully. You must successfully complete College Algebra before continuing on to Calculus Lite.

If you have credit for College Algebra from a community college, some other college or university, or from passing the College Board's CLEP test in College Algebra, please make sure that you have properly transferred in this credit before the beginning of the Spring 2010 semester.

If you do not have credit for College Algebra, then you will can not continue on to Calculus Lite in Spring 2010. Please check with an advisor to determine what math classes are required of your major. If your major requires Calculus Lite, you must complete College Algebra before taking Calculus Lite. If your major does not require Calculus Lite, then ask your advisor about what the best math class is for you to meet your academic goals.

-Dr. Hirta

S. Rudbeckia Hirta
Mathematics Department