Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Alarming Emails Continue

As our arbitrary FERPA-interpreters (not lawyers) allow us to email about grades, I sent out another email with the grade in the subject line.

This time when I sorted my spreadsheet in descending order by grade, I found two students with a 0% average in WebAssign, so I sent them an email with the subject line "0% average in math class - hard to get caught back up." By sheer luck both of them have the first name Amanda, so I was able to use the exact same email for both of them.

I pointed out that even if they get perfect scores on every single homework assignment for the rest of the semester that it is impossible to get above a 93% homework average. I also reminded them that the homework average counts as much in the grade as the final exam. And, furthermore, I pointed out that add-drop continues until Friday, so they are free to change their schedules and get the heck out of this class that they are seriously failing.

In other email-related news, now that I have dropped students from their math classes, they are finally getting in touch with me about the information that I've been requesting for weeks. Including one with an outlier in terms of name length: 10 letters in the first name and 18 in the last name.