Monday, January 25, 2010

Drop-Add Ends. I Still Have to Deal with Enrollments.

Stu is signed up for both Calculus Lite and College Algebra this semester. College Algebra is a prerequisite for Calculus Lite. You can not take College Algebra for credit if you already have cerdit for Calculus Lite (or higher). (Please note that you can take it -- just not for credit.)

Apparently Stu has a high enough placement score to take Calculus, as he was not caught in my dragnet of placement enforcement. The rules do not say that you can not take College Algebra if you know a lot of math or are a math super-genius. They only say that you can not take it for credit if you have already earned credit in a higher numbered course. In fact, our current registration system will let anyone who has not passed College Algebra sign up to take it. Even if you have passed super-honors calculus, you can sign up for College Algebra. Just at the end of the semester you will not get credit for it.

I've dealt with enough of this crap. I have new crap to deal with. I'm going to tell Stu to call the registrar's office.