Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Going Above and Beyond

On Wednesdays I teach from 11:15am - 12:05pm in a building across campus from my office. Then I eat lunch. Then I teach again from 1:25pm - 2:15pm in a building not far from my office.

Tomorrow I am going to observe a class from 12:20pm - 1:10pm in yet a different building. Not where either of my classes is and not where my office is.

Yes, that is right, tomorrow I will be trekking all over campus between classes requiring me to prep the afternoon class completely by morning (and to lug all the crap around with me), wear sensible shoes, skip lunch, and miss watching the coverage of the Steve Jobs event.

Do you know how much self-restraint it will take for me not to monitor the whole Apple goings-on with my phone? Someone should text me to let me know if all this hype has been over something stupid, like a case redesign for the Mac Pro, or if there is a new gadget that I will have to consider buying.