Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Believe You Are Mistaken

So we have WebAssign integrated with Blackboard. In order to make this magic happen, once a day I have to go into the Blackboard control panel and click "Sync Roster." Then WebAssign gives me a list of students who have added my class, a list of students who have dropped my class, and a list of students whose records are unchanged. Since Thursday I have been writing down the names that appear on the list of students who have just added. I have done a manual override in WebAssign to excuse them from the first assignment.

The first assignment was due Friday night. On Saturday morning at 7am I sent out an email with the subject line "F average in calculus" to the students on my WebAssign roster who didn't do the first assignment (and who weren't excused). The email was full of all sorts of scary. But then it ended hopeful. We're always happy to meet with you about your questions, etc.

This morning I get an email from Stu asking about this whole F in calculus thing. Stu tells me a tale of having added the class on Saturday so not being on Blackboard until yesterday (there is an overnight sync between our registration system and Blackboard) and wanting to be excused from the assignment.

Not only is Stu not on my list of students who added late, but the registration system says that Stu added my class on Wednesday, January 13 at noon and has not logged on to the registration system since later that afternoon.

I wrote back to Stu summarizing most of this and including a screen shot of the transaction record showing when Stu added my class.