Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last Weekend Before the Semester Starts

  1. Emailing with Stu who failed College Algebra from one of our best instructors in the fall. Stu scored a 24% on the final exam. I sent an email to all repeating students in College Algebra that they should take our one-credit-hour add-on course. (We've concluded that it does help -- not miraculous, but helpful). Stu refuses to take it. Stu is also signed up for an overload this semester. Stu is re-taking College Algebra with Professer Asperger. Good luck, Stu!

  2. Fielding emails with weird questions from Professor Alzheimer.

  3. Still have over 100 students on my list of students who haven't yet fulfilled the prerequisites. We've cancelled another section of College Algebra, so lets hope that they either have transfer credit that I can't see in the system or else that they don't want to take math this spring.

  4. Meanie that I am, I have assigned homework due the first day in my gen-ed class. It's not especially difficult. I assigned them to read an article about math from the NYT and to answer some softball questions like, "What was the most interesting thing from the article?" My section is full. Other sections are not. Wouldn't you rather take math at 3 in the afternoon with one of the easiest teachers in the department? Please?

  5. Despite all the cleaning that got done over break, it was more of the scrubbing kind than the sorting and organizing kind. Today I will be doing an enormous amount of laundry and possibly going through my closet to give things to Goodwill.

  6. I may have heard the story wrong, but I believe that we have Banner, in part, to thank for our longer-than-usual break between semesters. While we don't yet use Banner for enrollment management (but will next year at this time), we do already use Banner for some things involving money. The money people need an entire week of business days between semesters in order to close out the books for fall before starting up for spring. (This makes no sense to me because summer starts before spring grades are due, so maybe I misunderstood.)