Thursday, January 28, 2010

Online Homework and the Electronic Generation

Stu added my class on Thursday, January 21. The nightly Blackboard update gave Stu access to Blackboard on Friday morning. We had class in-person on Monday (lecture), and then again on Tuesday (recitation with the TA), and then again on Wednesday (lecture). In Monday's class I reminded the students about WebAsisgn. On Tuesday the TA spent the entire class period answering quesitons about the WebAssign problems.

We had online homework due Friday night and then again in the evening of Tuesday, January 26. I reset Stu's deadlines so that everything from the beginning of the semseter was due with the homework on the evening of Tuesday, January 26.

On Tuesday, Stu emailed me telling me that he just added on Friday (no, that would be Thursday) and wanted to know if any work was due.

I emailed right back about the WebAssign due Tuesday night.

I get another email from Stu this morning saying that he missed his chance to do the assignments because he doesn't check his email very often.