Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Other Distractions that Have Kept Me From Blogging

  1. I've been interviewing designers over the phone and bracing myself for someone with sophisticated aesthetic sensibilities to see the inside of my house

  2. Trying to figure out how much money I should spend on my kitchen. I ask myself, "Would you rather have a BMW or a new kitchen?" and I answer "new kitchen." But should I really spend a BMW-amount of money on anything?

  3. Somehow my job seems to be taking up a fair amount of time now that the semester is back under way.

  4. Spent some time working on puzzles with some of my summer students.

  5. My fucking router died. TIME CAPSULE IS AN UNRELIABLE PRODUCT. Once Apple issues its ruling on Monday about whether it will replace it under warranty, I will add it to the memorial page. I spent way too much time today trying to figure out how to get all my machines back on the internet and how to print.