Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Short Notes

  1. How long does one wait after burgers and beers (plural) with people from work before driving home?

  2. Every time we go out for burgers and beers, we run into former students. The campus-area is just covered with undergraduates!

  3. Not impressed with the iTouchMax. Thinking that my grant will buy me a Kindle.

  4. Is there a good way to help someone improve their teaching? I am stubborn about refusing to change my teaching, so I understand someone being unwilling to change. And yet, if I sit in on your class and tell you that I can not hear you at the back of the room, that seems to be something pretty concrete and not that much of a personal attack.

  5. I'm much better at describing good teaching than doing it myself.

  6. I've seen a lot more good teaching in computer science than I have in statistics. More on that later, I suspect.