Thursday, January 21, 2010

Should I Be Personally Offended?

Stu has been stalling me on the whole prereq issue. Stu promises, "I took College Algebra at community college, but I'm having problems with my transcripts!" I gave Stu a few extra days to pull everything together.

Today Stu stopped by when I was at Computer Science class and dropped off a printout under my door. It was from the community college's online transcript evaluation system, and it showed two semesters' worth of Stu's work. But it was work that Stu had transfered from here into community college. And the College Algebra course that Stu took (here) was shown with the code "TNG" in the grade column -- which stands for "transfer no grade."

As Stu took the course here, I looked up Stu's records here and sent Stu an email about how our records show that in those semesters listed on the paperwork Stu took College Algebra here in partcular section numbers with particular instructors. And that I was dropping Stu from calculus right now and would not add Stu back in to calculus class without some more convincing paperwork.

And looking at the paperwork, looks like Stu got a C in the History of Rock. A C in History of Rock? A class where you listen to The Beatles for credit? Not ready for calculus.