Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Still More from the Placement and Prerequisite Enforcement

Stu called my office and left a long and ranty message on my voicemail about how unfair it is that I won't let him take calculus until after he passes College Algebra and about how all his friends and his siblings and everyone else took calculus without passing College Algebra and how they all got As in calculus after failing College Algebra, and this sucks and is unfair.

I called Stu back and left a bland message on his voicemail.

Stu then emailed me with a rant about how College Algebra is a big waste of his time and money because it doesn't count towards his major and he can't believe that if you place into College Algebra then you need to pass it before moving on to higher level courses and this sucks a lot and his cousins never had to pass College Algebra before taking Calculus.

I wrote back with a bland reminder of the rules.

Stu wrote back thanking me for clarifying the situation and claiming that he's signing up for College Algebra.

You know that I'm going to check his schedule on the last day of add-drop and make sure he's not signed up for calculus.

Just think. One year from now we'll have Banner keeping the students out and I'll just react with a shrug and say sorry when the system does not let them sign up in the first place. (And today I learned that Banner can enforce placement and prereqs based on ACT score, which is awesome.)