Friday, February 26, 2010

Academic Scorecard

  1. We have hit the point in the semester where I am teaching things in both of my classes that I have taught before and where I have all my notes from the last time I taught these things (and all the old quizzes and exams and worksheets and whatnot). This allows me to give the illusion of being prepared.

  2. Graded the exam that I gave this afternoon. Class average was an 80%, which is meh. Am I organized enough to find my attendance sheets so that I can see if there is a statistical model that will predict your score on exam 2 as a function of your score on exam 1 and the number of times you have been absent? Everyone who missed 1/3 of the class periods between exam 1 and exam 2 did pretty badly on the exam.

  3. I used to think that CS prof made the bad beamer slides that are pretty much just the textbook in slide form. I've changed my opinion after looking at the back of the book and seeing that the publisher offers "lecture slides" as an ancillary. I have now developed a new hierarchy of CS teaching. Top of the heap: programming prof who uses his own awesome notes, theory prof who used nice examples that were different from the examples in the textbook. Next: programming prof who used someone else's awesome notes. Least favorite: Prof using someone else's bad sildes.

  4. CS prof is also using the questionable technique of doing the homework problems in class before they are due. Yes, in a class for seniors and graduate students, he is doing the exact homework problems in class a week before they are due. This is a teaching strategy that I usually reserve for freshmen who need to be taught how to do homework. Or when I'm horribly unprepared.

  5. In stats yesterday we spent about 20% of the class time discussing killer whales and great white sharks. No, there was no connection to statistics. One of the math TAs takes a different stats class from this same prof, and the TA reports that the prof teaches class by transcribing the textbook onto the board.

  6. I'm feeling pretty good about my recycled notes, worksheets, exams, and quizzes by comparison.