Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Coming Week

For my gen-ed class, I have my notes for tomorrow already made. I need to xerox the handout for tomorrow (forgot to bring it to the office with me today), but I have already xeroxed the in-class review worksheet for Wednesday and the exam for Friday.

For my calculus class, I have my notes for tomorrow all ready and posted on Blackboard. The notes for Wednesday and for Monday are on my computer but not yet on Blackboard, as I don't post the next day's notes too far ahead of time -- in case we have to skip something important and I need to fit those slides into the next notes. The exam for Wednesday, March 3 is already xeroxed.

I just turned in the homework that is due on Thursday, February 25 in the statistics class that I'm taking. It would be nice if we got back any of the homeworks that we turned in.

The computer science group project? The one that is due Tuesday night? My group has still produced very close to nothing. Good thing that my calendar is pretty clear between now and then.