Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Difficult Part of the Week

  1. I emailed David Matthews back. David's follow-up question was about how my confusing attendance policy (attendance doesn't count in the grade) fits in with his decision about whether he should drop the course. That was a perfect question to non-answer, as I never tell students whether or not to drop a class and instead refer them to advisors and financial aid and their parents and all that.

  2. Progress has been made on the computer science project! We have a mediocre item to turn in. While not excellent, it is likely worth a positive number of points. Today after class I will interrogate my group-mates and do the write-up (which I had offered to do).

  3. Summer job people are driving me mad. Already. I would like to make progress on a time-sensitive task. They have told me that I have to wait a week to get the information that is sitting in a spreadsheet on their computers.

  4. Calculus student emailed me noting that she saw me on campus over the weekend and asking if I can meet with her for weekend office hours.