Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's All About Me

During the first week of the semester, we talked about Benford's law, which was observed by Frank Benford in my home town of Schenectady, NY. (Actually I am from Niskayuna. But GE Global Research is really in Niskayuna, too.)

Later we talked about Postnet and the encoding of ZIP codes. ZIP code 12345 is in Schenectady.

Tomorrow we'll be introducing the RSA cryptosystem. Ron Rivest is also from Schenectady. (I would like to believe that he is from Niskayuna -- I will have to check the old Linton yearbooks in my parents' basement to see if he is actually from Schenectady.)

My goal is to come up with a way to tie every single topic we do to Schenectady, NY.