Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long Day

Wake up because of sore throat. Unable to swallow.

In office getting calculus exam ready for TAs to give.

Head to McDoctor franchise for when triage opens at 7am

Only patient in waiting room! Hooray!

Seen by actual physician not a P.A.! In fact, actual physician is an MD, not an osteopath! This is pretty unusual at McDoctor.

I don't have strep throat. Physician writes useless prescription for lidocaine. Doing my part to keep down the costs of healthcare for my fellow Cigna subscribers, I choose not to have the prescription filled. I still can not talk or swallow.

Home for a nap!

Stroll into lecture hall to give calculus exam. TAs have calculus exam under control. One student has shown up to class in a wheel chair. Last week I received an email from some office on campus telling me that this particular student was in the hospital and was excused from classes until February 15. I showed up sick. Someone else showed up in a wheel chair. Secret message to people with weak and whiny excuses: You have no idea how much harder the make-up exam is than the regular exam. Hope you like the greatest integer function and the absolute value.

Lunch. As I can not swallow, I go for a Vanilla Crème Frappuchino with added peppermint syrup.

Afternoon class watches Donald in Mathmagic Land off of YouTube because I can not talk.

Was going to meet with CS group about group project. Group has cancelled the meeting because of the so-called snow. Wimps. I grade papers. The students either get it or they don't. There aren't going to be many Bs on this exam.

Finish writing the make-up exam (even the fractions turn out weird and ugly) and sent it over to the testing center. Worked for a bit on the CS homework in ways that are not consistent with the assignment. Used commercial software to do a task that I will eventually need to write a fiddly Perl script for. Felt that it was a better use of my time to think about the post-processed data than to get my sleep-deprived brain to write the script to do the initial processing.

Dinner with colleagues. Bad choice, as the conversation was too compelling, and I had to pitch in. Should have taken a vow of silence if I want to have any chance of being able to teach on Friday. There are only so many movies that one can show in class! And I need to save a movie for when I'm in Washington, DC next week!

Back to the office.