Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Worst. Group. Ever.

In my CS class we have been assigned group work.

My group took forever to agree to a meeting time/place. We finally met in my office where we sketched out a plan of attack on the problem, broke it down into tasks, and assigned everyone tasks.

My task was to write some code to pre-process some input files. I wrote the code, and sent it to my groupmates.

They were supposed to come up with a specification for the main (shared) data structure so that code could be written for the rest of the problem. So far, nothing.

The deadline looms. They both skipped class today. Not that it really matters, as one of them tends to sleep in class and doesn't really understand what we're supposed to be working on.

I've done my time of doing the bulk of the work for bad groups. I'm willing to get a zero on this assignment. They're both in computer science grad school, so they should be more invested in this class than I am. I'm taking this class to learn something, not to work on my human resources management skills. The calculus class that I teach has nine TAs. If I wanted to hone my skills at getting getting geeky boys in their early 20s to do what they are supposed to do, I would put more effort into micromanaging my TAs.