Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yet Another Busy Day

  1. Fielded questions from a non-traditional student. It sounds like she may be homeschooling her kids. I hope she isn't trying to teach them high school level math.

  2. Talked to some more people about the possible new job. It sounds really interesting.

  3. Gave an attendance quiz today in the calculus lecture. It is all just a bluff because attendance counts 0% of the grade. Mostly I'm going to cross reference it against the 20 or so students whose averages are below a C and send scary emails to the failing students who aren't coming to class.

  4. Thank goodness the guy who wasn't coming to my gen-ed class came to class today. I'd been meaning to email him to see what was up but have not been able to motivate myself to do that. The last thing that I want is for one of my students to die alone in a dorm room and not be discovered for weeks and then have the parents complain, "How come no one said anything when my kid stopped going to class." So in regular-sized classes, I like to check to make sure that they are, at least, still alive, even if they aren't coming to math class.

  5. Need to launder tonight, as I fly tomorrow. Let's all hope there is no snow.