Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finishing up the Weekend

  1. The front garden is no longer and embarrassment.

  2. Met several new neighbors. House to the north was just purchased, and the new owner will move in about 10 days from now. House across the street has a new tenant who came over and introduced herself to me when I was gardening. (She was hoping that I had a #8 circular needle she could borrow.) House two doors to the south just had people move out.

  3. Watched Up in the Air. The Topologist hated it. I found it entertaining.

  4. Spent 6.5 hours in my office today working on the statistics homework and making photocopies. I wrote and photocopied exam 3 (3/31), exam 4 (4/21), and the final exam (5/7) for calculus. Hoping to make progress soon on the materials for the gen-ed class.