Sunday, March 28, 2010


Finally home from the conference.

After being away from email for several hours while on the road, students tried to get in touch with me.
  1. Calculus student: Can I take the midterm two days early because I have another test on the day of the midterm?
  2. Calculus student: I didn't get around to doing the homework [which has been available online since the first day of the semester] and asked for an automatic online extention. And then I didn't do the homework [so now have a -5/20 grade on it]. Can you drop some homework grades? My other teachers do.*
  3. Summer student (whose name showed up in a non-Latin font): [Assorted craziness about the Towers of Hanoi]
  4. Summer student: Can you organize a chamber ensemble?

*ed: I'm tempted to suggest Olympic grading: You drop the lowest grade AND the highest grade.