Monday, March 15, 2010

Leadership Fail

Apparently I can not convince my TAs to enter the fucking grades. How hard is it to type 25 numbers into the computer? If grad school has you so busy that you can not find time to type 25 numbers into the computer, then maybe you are not cut out for grad school. Secret message to TAs: Just because you can't be fired doesn't mean that you should not take pride in your work. I'm about ready to email all your students and tell them to email you asking about the grades.

Based on the grades I see so far, it looks like the freshmen are better at paying attention and following directions than the TAs are. How is it that I can convince hundreds of freshmen to learn some calculus but I can't convince a handful of TAs to do their fucking jobs?

You know the TAs would complain if their professors took two weeks to get them their grades on their exams.