Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

So Stu did not email me back until after I'd went to bed about the possibility of taking the exam this morning before departing, so I made no effort to get up early to make this work. So when I did get up (finally recovering from conference fatigue), I responded to the student's repeated emails asking to take the exam on Monday that we normally don't make arrangements for make-up exams for students who simply choose to leave campus and not take the exam. I'm thinking that Easter isn't until Sunday. There is no reason to leave on Tuesday. And especially if one is going to leave on Tuesday for a Sunday holiday and miss an exam on Wednesday, one should get in touch with the instructor before Monday night.

If the prevailing wisdom says that I should give the student a make-up exam, I'm thinking that four hard word problems at 25 points each (this is the max-min chapter!) will be appropriate. Maybe I'll ask my friend who wrote a calculus book for some choice max-min problems.