Tuesday, March 09, 2010

More from My Spring Break in Ithaca

  1. Walked up the Buffalo St. hill. Once. Don't need to go up there again. Everything I might want at the top of the hill is also available at the bottom of the hill (except Korean food, which I have already dined on).

  2. The plot thickens with my new job. OK, probably my fault for not asking enough questions. (Some of them I know that I should have asked but don't care as much I am supposed to -- like which retirement plan the job has.) But some things just can not be anticipated. Lucky for me I work because I like to, not because I need to. When you live in a place with a low cost of living, it's much easier to view one's job as an adventure.

  3. Flying back home tomorrow for a meeting for the new job.

  4. Thinking of buying sparkly things during my last day or so here.

  5. Got approved to start working on the new job while still working at my current job. This means that I'm working my regular job, my summer job, my new job, and taking six credit-hours of graduate-level coursework. I have given up television. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never get caught up on Gossip Girl. And that my flight tomorrow means that I will miss the premiere of the new cycle of Top Model.

  6. My calculus students are emailing me in a panic that WebAssign shows that they have zeros on the second midterm. We went through this with the first midterm. After the exam, WebAssign gives everyone a zero until we type in a grade. This is a stupid feature, but it is the way it is. It has happened before, and it will happen again.

  7. Students rejected from summer program are venting on discussion boards and hypothesizing that it was because of the way that their GPAs were weighted. I am smart enough to know the difference between the importance of your grade in calculus and your grade in gym or Spanish or whatnot.

  8. I brought way more books and reading and knitting and other work than I would ever be able to do while here. Now I need to figure which stuff to drag back on the plane and which stuff to have The Topologist cart back in the car.