Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Thing That I Will Not Miss

Today a student sent me some crazy tale of woe via email. She addressed the email "Dear Sally." Someone really needs to hold a seminar for students about how to address an email correctly.

Also I see a committee brewing. The committee that brings out the worst in people in the math department. Yes, that's right. It's time for a calculus committee! It will be charged with everything from picking the textbook and writing the syllabus to determining how many homework problems can be assigned (or whether one can assign graded homework at all or if one must instead use quizzes). There is even talk of common exams. Anyone with experience with a large math department knows how absolutely awesome a calculus committee is. Sorry, everyone, I will be leaving the department in 61 days, so I can not serve on your turf-guarding, black-and-white thinking committee. But I'd be happy to offer some advice and feedback for you to ignore.

Aside: I hate, hate, hate, hate Daylight Stealing Time. We had finally reached a point where it got light in the morning, and now we are back with darkness until almost 8am. We should be on standard time all year round and stop fucking with the clocks. (Please note that I don't hate DST when I'm in Cambridge in the summer, as the sun comes up at 4:30am there, which is plenty early and allows me to naturally wake up as all the people pulling all-nighters head off to sleep. I think my real problem is that my city is in the wrong time zone.)