Monday, March 08, 2010

Remind Me How Much I Hated the Winters Here

By some crazy twist of fate, I have found myself in Ithaca, NY during a brief interlude of warm and sunny days in the winter. Yesterday was 45 degrees and sunny, and all of the hippies and lesbians brought their kids out for ice cream to celebrate the sunny day! This city is so walkable! The Korean food is so yummy! The employees at the fabric store recognized me even thought I moved away seven years ago and now have orange hair! The coffee is so good! You can shop for high quality items (like furniture made of actual wood)! I want to buy all the art hanging in the coffee shops! Everyone drives a Prius or a Subaru! There is a scale model of the solar system, and you can see Neptune near the secret grocery store (fun fact, next Earth-year will be one Neptune-year since Neptune was discovered)! There are trees wearing sweaters! The undergraduates seem to stay up on their respective hills! There are so many options of yoga and meditation classes! The pay-internet at the coffee shop gives you 15 free minutes out of every 45 (and only blocks port 80 during the 30 "off" minutes)! And there is Wegmans!

Note to self: Do not move back to Ithaca. Most of the time winter is dreary and sunless.