Sunday, April 11, 2010

Complaining 2

I understand that my allergies and bad vision are almost a required part of the whole nerd thing. However, up until this point, my allergies have only been mildly annoying -- cats, pollen, etc. I can avoid owning cats that live in my home (recall that I have a feral cat that lives in the student slum neighborhood near campus). The pollen thing hasn't been that bad lately, and when it is, I can usually deal with it by taking Allegra.

I'm pretty sure that I'm now allergic to band-aids. The skin under where I've had my bandaid is all itchy and irritated. After applying topical Benadryl, it improved greatly.

Now I'm hoping that I really am sick, as I would hate for the respiratory symptoms I'm having (wheezing, non-productive cough) to be an allergic reaction to the band-aid.

As it is a Sunday in the south, I will not be getting any of this resolved by medical professionals today unless I end up going into anaphylactic shock. Too bad I never refilled that epi-pen prescription when I decided that I was no longer allergic to hazelnuts.