Sunday, April 11, 2010

Still More Complaining

No, no, no, no, no, this is not about the peeling exterior paint that is suspiciously near the possibly-leaking dishwasher, as I am ignoring that problem due to the impending kitchen remodel. When you're building new walls, moving doors, taking almost everything down to the studs and joists, and possibly even getting a new ceiling, the idea of "water damage" isn't that scary.

Oh no, this is about Stu Dent from my calculus class. Stu didn't do the 20 point homework and clicked on the button to ask for an extension.

Now Stu is complaining to me that WA is not giving Stu the points that he rightfully earned. You see, even though Stu got 19 problems right, WebAssign is recording this as a 14/20.

The students are going absolutely bonkers, as I currently have no plans to drop any low homework scores. All of the homework has been available since the beginning of the semester; they have 20 tries at each problem; the class average on homework is a B+. I don't see any reason to drop any low scores at this point.