Friday, April 02, 2010

Today's Accomplishments

  1. Spent most of the day in the office. Did half of the statistics homework that is due in about a week. Fussed a bit with R, a program that I need to know more about than I currently do, even though we're supposed to do our homework with SAS.

  2. Graded the exam for the gen-ed class. Students who are frequently absent and/or frequently absent-while-present (texting, reading books, etc.) tended to get pretty crappy grades on the exam. Except for the smart kid who is reading Atlas Shrugged during class. He did fine on the exam.

  3. Made the rest of the worksheets for the gen-ed class. Posted them on Blackboard with that "don't show until this date" feature.

  4. Discovered a crack that runs across two of the three sides of the inside of my dishwasher. Current plan is to ignore it, as the demolition phase of the gut-and-remodel kitchen project is scheduled to start in about a month. What's a little potential water damage when you're already planning on taking things down to the studs and the joists? (At one point the plan even involved all new floor joists! Now I think it's "just" a new subfloor.)

  5. Still have not done the taxes. Cowering in fear of Schedule C.