Friday, May 07, 2010

Calculus Continues

This morning's calculus missive:
I am a student in your Math 125 class. I have been really stressed out about exams and have been studying for your exam this whole week and forgot there was WebAssign due this week. I was working pretty hard to maintain my A+ in your class and plan to do well on your exam. I know it is already too late for an extension request on WebAssign now, but I was hoping you could give me the chance to complete my last WebAssign with an extension request!
The WebAssign was due Wednesday (10 review problems) and worth 20 homework points. My standard penalty is that each 24 hour extension takes away five points. So even if I turned back on the extension feature, Stu could only earn at most a 5/20 with a perfect showing on this homework.

Also, we don't have a grade of A+ here. And even if we did, Stu doesn't have an A+. Stu doesn't even have an A. Stu's most recent exam grade was a C+.