Saturday, May 08, 2010

Calculus Index

Number of students who attempted my calculus class: 235

Number of students on my Blackboard class roll at the end: 224

Number of students on my GradesOnline class roll at the end: 223

Number of enrolled students (using GradesOnline list) who didn't take the exam: 8

Total number of zero scores on the final in the WebAssign gradebook: 10

Class average on final exam (counting only non-zero grades): 76.19%

Overall class average (total grade, includes zeros and stop-outs): 81.80%

Success rate (number of students who passed with a C or better divided by 235): 82.1%

Number of students with non-zero final exam scores who failed: 3

Number of letters I'm writing to the Office of Academic Integrity: 4