Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not Done Yet

Today I heard from three more grade complainers who I will call Jack, Jim, and Johnny.
  1. Jack Daniels wrote to me asking me to round him up because he had perfect attendance in recitation sections. I told him that he wasn't on the list that the TAs gave me of the people to round up. Jack wrote back saying that he'd tried everything and couldn't find his TA's email address and that the reason that he wasn't on the list was because he added the course late. Bzzt.

  2. The boundaries for the letter grades change on the 0s, 3s, and 7s. (Just like the grade-points for the letter grades are *.0, *.3, and *.7.) Jim Beam had a 63.25% average and wanted me to change that to a 67%.

  3. Johnny Walker is getting a C- in my class, and this will cause him to lose his scholarship. Johnny wants me to give him a C instead. I don't know if Johnny is a freshman or a sophomore, but one bad grade in the second semester doesn't usually bring your GPA so low as to lead to scholarship revocation.

We are now up to 21 students in the class complaining about their grades. This is in a class where 220-something students took the final, 78 students got an A in the class, more than half the students got an A- or better, and the overall mean (including stop-outs and zeros) was almost an 82%.