Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taking All the Fun Out of Administration

I worked hard to get my complete list of every classroom, lecture hall, and other space that I would need at MIT for the summer of 2010 done about a year in advance. Every year we are in a fight with the MIT Anime club for use of 6-120 on four or five Friday nights during the summer. They had 6-120 in 2007 and 2009. I had 6-120 in 2008. Looking back at our administrative archives, every few years we get 6-120. Despite the fact that I know that we have had it from time to time, they claim that they have had it every single Friday going back to 1931.

I really wanted 6-120 this year. I put my request in the very instant that one could request summer space.

When I got back my confirmation number from Schedules, I had 6-120! Today I am not nearly as joyful as I had been, as I discovered that the Anime Club is not showing any movies this summer. Apparently this will be the first time since 1876 that they will not be showing movies on Fridays in 6-120.