Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Week in Review

  1. I'm putting mileage on my car at an alarming rate. Tuesday I had to drive from here to Uranium City for work. And then from Uranium City to Aluminum City to get my hair cut (my stylist owns two salons and is at one T-Th and the other W-F). And then back here. I am thinking back to my time commuting from Ithaca, NY to Geneva, NY.

  2. Spent yesterday moving out of my math department office to my new office in the CS building. I suspect that CS graduate students are not from around here because they do not open doors for women carrying boxes of books.

  3. Until tomorrow I have three offices and three computers. Never am I at the computer that has the information that I need. Looking into moving things like my address book and calendar to the "cloud."

  4. Went to parking services and moved my parking from Outer Limits parking (it took me as long to walk from math parking to the math building as to drive from home to math parking) to Red Carpet Parking. CS gets to park in the middle of campus, right next to their building!

  5. Found a mentor for the math-bio student! Only mentorless student is in aeronautical engineering. He may end up stuck with whatever project we can find.

  6. The complaining is calming down. The cheaters have stopped emailing me with implausible tales of innocence.